Tanganyika Expeditions has more than one hundred eighty people, staffing Management, Administrative and Operations in Arusha. Representative offices in Europe, as well as smaller teams taking care of tour extensions and flight arrivals, departures, transfers on Zanzibar and in Dar es Salaam.

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Tanganyika expedition team:


  • A team of safari Driver-guides: 30 people (speak French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, ...).
  • A "garage" team of 8 people.
  • "Camps and bivouacs:" various teams of 50 people who staff Olduvai, Ronjo and Maweninga and other sites .


Guides Tanganyika Expeditions


  • Mountain guides, cooks and support staff Cooks, waiters, supply vehicle drivers.
  • Maasai guides and escorts for hiking to altitudes up to 3,000m.
  • Other ancillary staff, carpenters, tailors, gardeners, guards...


Team Tanganyika Expeditions