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Ruaha National Park


Ruaha national park

Many feel it’s one of the most beautiful Parks of Tanzania, dominated by the sadly depleted River Ruaha. The boundaries have been recently extended and it now rivals Serengeti in terms of overall size. There is also an extended ecosystem as in so many of these areas which during the drier times, brings herds in searching for scarce water.


Ruaha’s many attractions are the beautiful landscapes and the individual quality of its safaris in a little-visited wilderness with only 5 camps. It is remote and more expensive to access but, again, very rewarding of special effort.

A unique mix of mammal occur in the distinct and varied areas of the Park - the greater and lesser kudu, the roan and larger regal sable antelope.. game drives along the well maintained tracks are very special. Wild dog can often be seen as well as wealthof birdlife. Ruaha is unique in many aspects and research has shown that the fauna and flora of East Africa and West Africa intermingle here.

Our advice

Our advice

The “Green Season” is slightly different to that of the northern Parks and it is more difficult to get around because of the nature of the soil in some areas.

The altitude is “only” 1,000m so it is therefore warmer than the northern highlands, particularly during European winter.

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The best season is from late June to late October. A safari in these southern Parks & Reserves takes at least a week on and time can be “saved” by taking advantage of the comprehensive scheduled flights but then with the obvious budget implications.

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