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From December to April, the plains of Ngorongoro Conservation Area welcome the Great Migration to feed, gambol and give birth.
More than 2,000,000 large mammals including wildebeest, zebra, eland, Grant's gazelle and Thomson's gazelle wander over these vast plains. During the calving period of January for zebras and February for wildebeest - though they can delay until the mothers sense optimum conditions! - more than 400,000 young are born almost simultaneously.
During he rest of the year, the drier season, when the massed herds have moved on, west and north in search of pastures new, the area does keep a resident animal population:
large troops of giraffe, many gazelle, cheetah and hyena and, over towards Ndutu, where there is more tree cover, elephant, impala, lion and rarer species: bat-eared fox, aardvark, striped hyena, ratel, zorilla and smaller gazelle such as steinbok..
The elusive and magnificent wild dog are occasionally sighted in Olduvai area in small packs as well as tiny mammals such as genet, hyrax, mongoose, ground squirrel, African wild cat..
Safari out from a couple of nights in Olduvai is unique.. there is a true aura of the solitary with big sky, mountain range panorama and a special stillness.

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