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Shifting Sands

The “Shifting Sands”

These strange “barkhan”-like sand dunes, consisting of fine, grey sand are located a few kms north of Olduvai Gorge.Comprised of volcanic “ ash,” thrown out from Oldonyo Lengai active volcano, 60 kms to the east, carried on prevailing winds, somehow deposited at only this site and moves westwards at about 5m each year.

The Maasai accord these sands a sacred status similar to that of Mount Ol donyo L’engai.

 Magnetic Dunes Tanzania

Nassera rock

Nassera rock

Towards the western opening of the beautiful N’gata Kiti valley fringed by the ancient Gol is Nasera Rock a magnificent huge granite monolith rising 80m out of the rolling plains, solitary and mysterious home to a myriad of smaller game and birds .

Tanzania Safari Ascension Nassera rock

Olkarien Gorge

Olkarien Gorge

On the southern edge of the Gol Mountains, about 70 kms north of our Olduvai Camp, a small stream has carved, laser-like, into the rock and this long tern erosion has formed Ol karien Gorge. It is possible to walk into this amazing “canyon” and encounter Maasai leading their cattle to the water point, especially at the drier times of year.

The rock formations and weathered sides of the gorge are very interesting and it is home to nesting vultures who use the cliff sides to soar out over the plains in their relentless search for carrion.

Gorge in Tanzania Olkarien_NCA

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