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Le Swahili Breeze Tour


Swahili Breeze Tour 

The Swahili Breeze starts at 09:30 from the Kelele Square (located outside the Serena Inn) with a cultural walking tour called "Stone Town Authentic ". Unlike the conventional "City Tour" we do not focus on the museums, the House of Wonders, the Anglican Cathedral and the market. This tour immerses you into the lives of Zanzibarians! One discovers, for example, a home that houses 42 different families, a variety of unique doors with their meanings, the wonders of the local architecture, the stories of inhabitants and much more ...

It is possible to slip away the visit at any time as long as we find the group at 11:00!

The tour takes an hour and a half, and toward 11:00 you will embark on the traditional "Wooden Dhows" and sail to Nyange. Nyange is not the sandbank closest to the city (about 30 minutes by boat), but it is the most intimate and certainly the most beautiful. In addition, it is also close to a beautiful reef, ideal for diving into a world of coral and fish of all kinds.  The Swahili Breeze Team guides you, and of course, provides an equipment of good quality. On the sandbank, into shade, a Sultan style tent with elegant furnishings will await you. The team provides you with a selection of soft and alcoholic drinks and delicious snacks before lunch.

Le Swahili Breeze Tour

 For Lunch:

• Grilled fish Kebabs;
• Marinated beef Kebabs ;
• A special soup made of lentils with meatballs, cassava, coconut, fresh coriander etc. ....
• A cake.
For dessert :
• Barbecued bananas with honey and ginger and a vanilla ice cream.

• A coffee or liqueur

On the sandbank and on the boat, a selection of soft drinks, mineral water, fruit juice, iced tea and beer are available free of charge.
At around 15:30, you will head toward Stone Town.
You will be back at 16:00, so that you will even have time for a little shopping or walk, if desired ...
Do not forget to foresee for this trip:
• Shoes suitable for walking into town and for the boarding on the dhow.
• Swimsuit under your clothes as well as a beach towel!

Le Swahili Breeze Tour

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