Tourist services

Tourist services

Trip Preparation

tourist services

Season, group size, length of stay, interests of participants, the type of the trip, ...

There are so many equally important factors, options and elements that make up a very good and unique tailor-made itinerary.

With its wide experience in making a wide variety of operations, Tanganyika Expeditions (Mount Kilimanjaro Safari Club) offers practical alternatives solutions, imaginative and unusual itineraries, always looking at different ways to make the Tanzania adventure a memorable event.

Reception and accompanying

tourist services - safari tanzania

Welcoming our clients upon their arrival by plane or road, helping them with the sometimes bewildering formalities, taking sufficient time to brief them...for us the welcome & first impressions have always been vital; it affects the whole experience. Our on-site teams in Dar Es Salaam, Arusha and Zanzibar, bring together men and women of different nationalities who share the same professionalism, warmth and knowledge leading to all our guests being met with courtesy and practicality at every stage.

Keeping in constant touch during the safari is another of our priorities: We are permanently available, 24/7 and if our Guests wish to ask their Driver-Guide to call, our duty staff react quickly and competently to any situation.



A safari in Tanzania leads you to remote areas far from habitation, far from everything and so the technical reliability of the vehicles is an absolute priority.

Tanganyika Expeditions (MKSC) focuses much effort on its fleet of vehicles. They are well maintained, renewed and re-equipped and so are in a top condition.

All our vehicles have radio to keep in touch with with our bases and with the nearest vehicle or Camp base…

Our team of excellent Driver-guides is an inestimable asset and admired both within the industry and in other fields. These men, who are selected for their human qualities and charm, as well as their professionalism share their love and knowledge of their own country with an elan and humour that has become a benchmark. They are much appreciated travelling companions, discrete and effusive, enthusiastic and patient in good measure. Having worked with many professional photographers, they have gained much experience and adeptly position their vehicle, your photo platform, with a feel for what may make an exceptional shot.

Tanganyika Expedition provides in-house constantly updated training for its staff: including language courses, courses in mechanics, wildlife and bushcraft training and have on-going monitoring.


The perceived weakness of Tanzania in terms of lack of “hotel beds” has long ago become a strong point. The arrival of large international groups such as Kempinski, Serena, Sopa, Conscorp and associated with some private initiatives, has provided Tanzania with a high-quality infrastructure totally in keeping with its unique heritage.

However to regain the feel of the safaris of the past, to enjoy the magic of African nights, at least a couple of nights “under canvas” in comfortable and very secure tents is surely a “MUST.” the English-style bush camp of the past. Thanks to its permanent camps, Olduvai, Maweninga and Ronjo, this special unique luxury can be offered to all our Guests.


services  - safari tanzania

Our safaris have inherent risks: those are always involved in high mountain treks, remote areas, very rare close contact with wildlife, sudden illness, feelings of isolation... Our priorities are of course, SAFETY and SECURITY.

This is shown by:

  • A well maintained and properly equipped fleet of vehicles.
  • Reliable radios in all our vehicles and carried by trek teams linked with the operational bases which are in turn also linked by radio and telephone.
  • An 24/7 operational on-duty service.
  • Constantly updated training the on-site teams: Guides, Drivers, Trek & Mountain Guides, couriers and all support staff members.


Tanganyika Expeditions is the Tanzanian representative of AXA ASSISTANCE



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