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Wild TANZANIA Tanzania Wild

This book is, as the title suggests about the wildnerness araes of Tanzania & includes description of the Ngorongoro Crater which is officially designated among the treasures of World Heritage as a vital haven for a great number of animal species. Tanzania's wildness is experienced travelling through the Serengeti and offers us the opportunity to enjoy the "Endless Space" with its unbelievable huge wildebeest migration, one of the World's most fascinating natural events. Tanzania's wild beauty can also be seen along the tree-lined shores of Lake Manyara where often lion sleep in the branches of the acacia. Along the slow moving Tarangire River where the large and small antelopes of Africa come to drink & herds of elephant, with young, to enjoy a good wallow, you area again invited by the authors to enjoy an insight to these attractions on a photographic tour. To do justice to Tanzania's diversity, rich wildlife and landscape, images do speak louder than words.

Available versions: English & French

Authors: Jean Michel Cresto, Alain Endewelt, Alain Pons, Christian Roussilhon


Zanzibar Magic islands :Zanzibar magical islands

The scents of spices greet travellers arriving in the archipelago. Built between sea and sky, the Stone Town of coral rock reveals narrow alleyways, minarets, cathedrals, temples in the centre & dominated by the strange, out of place square towers of the House of Wonders. The city of Zanzibar is a maze of narrow, shaded streets and bright open squares. Carved doors, intricate balconies, Baraza and decorative woodwork and screens mingle and cast shadows and contrasts. "Zanzibar Magic Islands" is an invitation to travel to the archipelago: from the historic old town out to the golden beaches and coral reefs. Text, illustrations and photographs provide much of the information you need to understand the different Zanzibar attractions.

Available versions: English, French and Italian

Authors : Jean-Denis Joubert


Kilimanjaro Legendary Summits : Kilimanjaro summits legend

5895 metres - that is an impressive altitude! However, each year thousands of trekkerrs do reach Uhuru Peak, the summit of Kilimanjaro, the famed “Roof of Africa” - inspiration for novels and travelogues alike...

Available versions: English, French and German

Authors : Jean-Denis Joubert & Eric Christin



Tanzania Notebook :Books Tanzania

For many visitors, the encounter with the mythical landscapes and wildlife of East Africa is a dream come true. One unforgettable day this dream has become reality and the safari is an experience of initiation. This journey was the real-life experience of the authors of this book. Within the marvels of a first trip, the authors testify to the strength of their discovery. The tracks & roads in the north of Tanzania are portrayed in an original & fresh way, through their combined and complementary senses. By various modes of expression, the sketchbooks of a painter, a traveller and a naturalist relive some past expeditions which took place in a time pictures and advertising slogans did not exist. This book possesses the power of the true to life experience & it has a an attractive poetic approach, too.

Available versions: English and French

Authors: Denis Clavreul, Guillemette de Grissac, Philippe de Grissac


Maasai, in the red robes :Maasaï, the red stuff

An illustrator and a photographer encounter the tall men in their traditional red cloth, the legendary and mysterious Maasai. Including drawings, photos, stories, this is not a book simply “about the Maasai,” but a book of insight created with the Maasai.

Available versions: French

Authors :Etienne Van Den Driessche, François Folcher and The Maasaïs.


A photographer's Itinerary  :Journey of a photographer Tanzania

This book invites you to discover some of the world's most beautiful safari photos.It not only gives you information about places and their importance, but also looks at the conditions and circumstances in which the illustrative photographs were taken and has practical information to help you get ready for your own safari. The compositions presented here will convince you to visit the magical lands of this timeless part of Africa, of which Tanzania is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful examples.

Available versions: French

Author: Alain Pons.



Africa's Big-Cats : Fauves Africa

Among all the creatures that populate the wilderness of the world, the big cats are ones of the most fascinating species. Has always been present in human cultures, these animals have highly imbued our minds, history and arts.

Africa is the continent that shelters the greatest number of them. Lions, leopards, cheetahs and others live on the same territories. "FAUVES d'Africa" invites you to share the passion of the author for these supreme predators. He photographed their life for many years. This book is a tribute to the iconic beauty.

Available versions: French

Author: Alain Pons.


On the wild tracks of Tanzania :On wild slopes of Tanzania

"Tawisa is twenty-years old": This impressive book discreetly celebrates in its own engaging and discrete way, this special anniversary. It also takes the occasion to pay a special tribute to the stunning landscape and amazing wildlife of Tanzania. The choice of format, the quality of the production values, the personal view of the authors coupled with exceptional large black and white photos are tastefully interspersed with small colour pictures. The flowing descriptive text fits the images to make "On the Wilderness Tracks of Tanzania" a unique book, out on its own, a true work of a special art.

Available versions: English & French Versions
Authors: François Lebouteux & Alain Pons.

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