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Kili Marangu trekking

Kilimanjaro Climb , Marangu Track

The Marangu track is the most convenient access to climb the Kilimanjaro. The climb is gradual and you will discover all the different stages of vegetation encountered in the mountain equatorial latitude. To the coffee and banana plantations on the foothills (800 to 1800 m) succeds the very dense forest area (1 800 - 2 800 m), populated by tall trees, inextricable lianas, rubber ...
This is also where you will encounter the most animals : monkeys, birds , antelopes, the last, remaining rather rare to see.
Kilimanjaro Climb , Marangu Track After the giant heathers of Mandara, you will cross a tall grass area (2800-4 000 m). You will discover giant groundsels and lobelias, with, in the background, the Kibo and its snowy glaciers. Thereafter, the landscape becomes more arid, sometimes muddy paths of the forest give way to more stony paths. The Alpine area is quickly becoming a desert, the temperature amplitudes are enormous between day and night and you start feeling the lack of oxygen. This part, near the Kibo and Mawenzi is the most spectacular and the landscapes are magnificent.

Day 1

Step 1

Departure from Marangu Gate located at 1 800 meters above sea level for about 4 hours of slow walking through a dense and humid forest, until Mandara Hut (2 750 meters).
If you are still in good shape on arrival at the shelter, a short walk to Maundi Crater is needed, where you will have a beautiful view over the plain, the Jipe lake and far away, the Pare and Usambara Mountains. Housing in the refuge.

Day 2

Step 2

About 45 minutes of walk in the forest before reaching a more opened landscape: the moorlands.
The path, well marked, passes through an unusual vegetation (giant groundsels, ...).
Arrival, after 4 hours of walk, to Horombo (the second refuge at 3 720 m).
Magnificent view of the Mawenzi. Dinner and overnight are spent at the refuge.

Day 3

Step 3

This time, taking the left path after the shelter, you will pass the last water point.
The vegetation gradually disappears, giving way to a desert. It is necessary to force yourself to walk slowly and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of high altitude deserts and landscape.
After crossing the saddle (long flat section between the Mawenzi and the Kibo), last effort before reaching the Kibo Hut, the last refuge at 4700 meters.

Day 4

Step 4

Very early departure during the night. The slope is steep and steady, the actual ascent begins.
Stop on the way at Hans Meyer Cave. The cold becomes very intense. After 5/6 hours of walk, at first light of dawn, you will arrive at Gillman's Point (5685 meters). The first summit, that is to say the edge of the crater.
The true summit Uhuru Peak (Peak of freedom) at 5 895 meters, achieved in 1 ½ hour of walk on the snowy ridge of the volcano: Africa's summit  and crowning achievement of all your sufferings: you can then count 1 ½ hour to reach Gillman's Point and again 2 hours to reach Kibo Hut. Long descent of 2 to 3 hours before arriving at Horombo Hut.

Day 5

Step 5

Relaxed descent towards the starting point of the trek, passing through Mandara Hut. Arrival at Marangu Gate 4 or 5 hours later.

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