Manyara National Park

Turquoise waters

Turquoise waters of Manyara Lake

This well protected space very close to habitations is a marvel in itself. One wonders from which northern steppes or which northern hemisphere lagoon do these fabulous flocks of thousands of pelicans, ibis and flamingos begin their flight?

Lake ManyaraAlong the lake shore and in shady forest glades there is a feast of colours and cries, a celebration of the early days of the Creation paradise. Hot gusts of wind flurry about and down the Rift wall, flocks of birds take off and land, hover and circle… there is always some movement to marvel at, watched over by a still giraffe out in the heat of the day.
And you, you just stand there, paying no heed to the hippos, just observing ...

Our advice

Our advice

Manyara National Park is the smallest Park in this area of northern Tanzania (only 330 km ² and of which 230 is the actual lake). It is advisable to visit it at the beginning of the safari as it may lead to disappointment after having experienced the large northern Parks.
Driving off the designated tracks is prohibited.

safari Lake Manyara The park witnesses a great deal of changes through the seasons, but it holds a constant interest throughout the year - it has a secluded atmsophere.
Large concentrations of birds can be seen, as well as many mammal species including lions, elephants, giraffes, buffalos, hippos, impalas, baboons and monkeys.
Lions are sometimes seen in the lower branches of acacia trees, especially during the winter season.

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Flying by microlight above Lake Manyara

Fly in a microlight over the Park - a unique experience in East Africa.

With only the pilot of the microlight, take off from the Rift wall for a very special experience which lasts between 20 minutes to an hour.


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