Tarangire National Park

The land of Giants

Tarangire, The land of Giants

This was originally a hunting area and the National Park was established in 1970. It is now regarded as one of the finest wildlife sanctuaries in Tanzania.
It covers an area of 2600 Km². It is located 1,100 meters above the sea level and its name comes from the Tarangire River that meanders across the park from South to North.
The vegetation is largely dominated by baobab trees, martyred by the other giant of the park: the elephants, who move around in large herds of up to a hundred animals.


Our advice

Our advice

This spectacular Park has rich and varied wildlife and the most interesting season starts from mid-July to mid-February.
In the “Green Season,” even if there appear to be no large groups of mammals in the park, the visit is still exciting and the landscapes are very pleasant with rolling hills and small valleys and there can be some great surprises.
The Park covers a wide range of habitats and visitors should linger at least 48 hours to see the rare species such as lesser kudus, oryx and a good list of endemic birds.
Early morning game drives are very exciting and there is a nice light for photos.

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