Pre-departure Tips

Advices before arriving in Tanzania


Habitual clothes for hot countries and Safaris, preferably in cotton, that are not easily soiled (dust).

Taking a sweater and a good jacket for evenings (mainly for altitudes).

Trekking shoes (if the program features a walk).

A hat or cap (protection from the sun). The majority of lodges propose a “laundry†service and it is possible to clean your linen during the safari. For Zanzibar stays, it is recommended to take plastic sandals for swimming (corals and sea urchins).

The photo

We get always surprised by the number of photos that we take during a safari that involves animals. Bring with you enough pills and diskettes.

Certain lodges propose the possibility of burning a CD to empty your diskette.

Bring powerful lens because some animal scenes might be far.

Bring efficient production + good tools for cleaning your lens.

Other useful objects

An electronic lamp: the lodges are over generators and there might be some electricity cuts in the middle of the night.

A pair of binoculars.

Wipes for dust.

Cellular Network

The GSM network is remarkable in the tourist regions.

The French operators (SFR, ORANGE or BOUYGUES) are all also relayed by local operators.

All over the Northern circuit (except some zones), in Kili and Zanzibar island, there is a very good signal.

There is electricity in the lodges, camps and hotels.

The power is 220 V.

The type of socket is English (the same dimension of the French socket with a ground socket for security). It is possible to manage oneself with some intelligence.

Spoken languages

The Kiswahili is the official language of the country. English is also considered as an official language (trade). French is not spoken on the Tanzanian territory. Many of our drivers make an effort to learn French (French alliance) and others are virtually bilingual.


Flexible luggage is strongly recommended.

We always tend to bring too many things … you should travel lightly

This luggage should hold in the back of the 4x4 vehicle and not fill up the front seat.

Notice: the authorized weight on short domestic flights: 15 kg per a person (flexible luggage).


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