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    Kilimanjaro Climb , Marangu Track

    The Marangu track is the most convenient access to climb the Kilimanjaro. The climb is gradual and you will discover all the different stages of vegetation encountered in the mountain equatorial latitude. To the coffee and banana plantations on the foothills (800 to 1800 m) succeds the very dense forest area (1 800 - 2 800 m), populated by tall trees, inextricable lianas, rubber ...

    This is also where you will encounter the most animals : monkeys, birds , antelopes, the last, remaining rather rare to see.

    Kilimanjaro Climb , Marangu Track After the giant heathers of Mandara, you will cross a tall grass area (2800-4 000 m). You will discover giant groundsels and lobelias, with, in the background, the Kibo and its snowy glaciers. Thereafter, the landscape becomes more arid, sometimes muddy paths of the forest give way to more stony paths. The Alpine area is quickly becoming a desert, the temperature amplitudes are enormous between day and night and you start feeling the lack of oxygen. This part, near the Kibo and Mawenzi is the most spectacular and the landscapes are magnificent.

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