Маршрут Мачаме

  • Kilimanjaro Climb, Machame Track

    The Massif of Kilimanjaro, mythical summit of the African continent, dominates by 5000 meters the surrounding plains. This huge volcano with a very characteristic shape, consists of three different craters, Shira to the west, Mawenzi to the east and Kibo in the middle. The Uhuru Peak summit, the final goal of the climb, rises to 5895 meters. This isolated volcano lies 60 km from east to west, and 40 kilometers from north to south.
    The Machame route is probably the most beautiful of all. It is taken by trekkers looking for better acclimatization and wishing to avoid the crowd on the normal tracks departing from Marangu. The return by a different track allows to further increase the variety of landscapes in which the view is often spectacular: dense rainforest where lianas intermingle between rubber and giant trees among which live blue monkeys, colobus monkeys with long white tail, various antelopes and colorful birds; grass, giant groundsel and lobelia in the moorlands which are flown over by several species of raptors such as the crowned eagle: the high altitude desert is finally dominated by glaciers and the eternal snow. The nights are spent in tents.

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